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Leafhoppers and relatives

  1. Chris Dietrich's leafhoppers
  2. Roman A. Rakitov's leafhopper behavior and brochosomes
  3. Dima Dmitriev's interactive keys to leafhopper subfamilies and others
  4. Tymbal, the Auchenorrhyncha website
  5. Murray Fletcher's Auchenorrhyncha identification keys to Australia and New Zealand
  6. Marco Gaiani & Paul Freytag's Neotropical leafhoppers
  7. Keiji Morishima's Japanese Auchenorrhyncha
  8. James Medley's leafhoppers from vineyards from Texas
  9. UC Berkeley's Xyllela fastidiosa Website
  10. Stu McKamey's Online Metcalf Catalog
  11. Martin Villet's cicadas and other insects from South Africa

Professional Societies

  1. Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia
  2. Sociedade Brasileira de Entomologia
  3. Entomological Society of America
  4. Society of Systematic Biologists
  5. Society for the Study of Evolution
  6. Willi Hennig Society